Upload / Download / Offload #9

This is a monthly series about what culture I take in, what output I have, and a thing I need to get off my chest or want to turn your attention to.


This is Remmi Dion and David Andrezel - Two of the main characters in a series of crime novels that Rico Roengaard is working on. Love these characters and a really fun task to be allowed to make visual representations of them.

I added some new products to my little webshop. You can now buy framed posters and “CRAPPY HORSE” tees.

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Choe Show

I previously recommended artist David Choes podcast and now he got a TV show on the FX Network. It is quite a trip and I highly recommend it.

Barry McGee - TAR PIT

Barry McGee is one of my all-time favorite artists. He has moved his work from the street to gallery walls probably better than anyone and his ability to switch between and mix mediums are truly awe-inspiring.

He currently has a show at Eighteen Gallery in Copenhagen that runs till the 8th of July.


I have now for a couple of weeks been able to say that I have a BA in Visual Communication with a focus on Interaction Design. That also means I am full-time freelancer and need more projects. So don’t hesitate to get in touch if you wanna make some noise with me.


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