Upload / Download / Offload #5

This is a monthly series about what culture I take in, what output I have, and a thing I need to get off my chest.


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Happy 75th birthday to one of my absolute favorites - The man, the myth, the legend David Lynch.


Rain Like Hammers by Brandon Graham

Brandon Graham is one of my favorite artists working in comics today and I try to get my hands on everything he puts out. He has an amazing ability to create worlds that feel original, big, and lived in and his new oversized five-issue series “Rain Like Hammers” is a perfect example of this. 

“Eugene is a new inhabitant of Elephant, a walking city on the desert world of Crown Majesty. Far from friends and family, he spends most of his time navigating melancholy daydreams, toying with alien technology, and researching the best places to find high-quality fast food. At best, his life is lonely and monotonous—but all of that changes when a mysterious force begins destroying Crown Majesty’s walking cities!”

I also love his smaller, more autobiographical work. This single page is from the last page of the first issue of “Rain Like Hammers”, but you can see much more on his Instagram.

Painting with John

“Painting with John” is an American unscripted television series created by musician, painter, and actor John Lurie. John is a philosophical, weird, and very good hang. The second episode is out today on HBO (January 29th). I can also recommend his show “Fishing with John” from 1991 which is even weirder.

The Big Picture

I am in all honesty not a big cinema guy, but it is one of the things I have started missing during the lockdown and this podcast helps and also makes it much worse. The Big Picture is one of the many excellent podcasts from The Ringer. Sean Fennessey and Amanda Dobbins dives into movies, sits down with Hollywood’s biggest filmmakers, breaks down the latest industry trends, handicaps the upcoming Oscars race, reviews new films, and has movie drafts (my favorite part).


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