Upload / Download / Offload #4

This is a monthly series about what culture I take in, what output I have, and a thing I need to get off my chest.



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Two more comic pages. I think I am moving on from this project, but it was good practice.

Coming Home For Christmas

A little quickie (hehe)

Okey, Yalla Bye

I did the cover illustration for my good friend Thurea’s new podcast.

Check it out (It’s in Danish).


Bench Talk Podcast - Home Art School

Bench Talk is probably my favorite podcast about art and creativity. In this episode host, Tom Gerrard shares his findings after 5 months of searching out online art education resources via youtube and other online platforms.

More info and resources here.

How To Be An Artist by Jerry Saltz

Honestly, fuck self-help books and books about “the creative life” but everybody should read this even if you have no intention of being any kind of creative. Its light fun and enlightening. Get it here.

Fridge Diving with Meyhem Lauren

Meyhem is extremely well dressed, he is also a rapper, graffiti writer, and home cook. He might not be the greatest chef, but just watch it for the vibes and banter.


My good friend and extremely talented artist Nico Hagémann is having an exhibition at Galleri Krebsen in Copenhagen in January.

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Facebook event here.