Upload / Download / Offload #10

This is a monthly series about what culture I take in, what output I have, and a thing I need to get off my chest or want to turn your attention to.


I finished the first batch of characters from a series of crime novels that Danish writer Rico Roengaard is working on. These two are called Susanne Yacobi and Lars A. "AC" Christiansen.

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A commissioned piece. Get in touch if you need something for somebody or yourself. I can even ship it to you framed.




I wish I could go see the show “BEYOND THE STREET On PAPER” at the Southampton Arts Center. At least JUXTAPOZ magazine has a lot of installation photos and a short write-up.

The Book of Vaughn Kickstarter

Vaughn Bode is not only one of my favorite artists, a founder of underground comics and created characters that graffiti artists all around the world still reference, he was also a wild dude with a life that was cut way too. Finally, a documentary is being made about him. You can support the Kickstarter here.


Go on an adventure!

In the city, Agia Marina on the island of Aegina something odd catches your eye, when you go to the stunning beach that the city surrounds. An enormous modern-day ruin, that looms over the small idyllic fisher town like a dark cloud. The gigantic hotel complex started construction when Greece was under military rule in the 1960s. It was a financial scandal and was left abandoned before construction finished to become a ruin like the many ancient temples Greece is known for. 

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