Friends of The Sphere #2: Bárður Dal Christiansen

Bárður Dal Christiansen (1985) - Architect, Concept Developer & Visual artist

Bárður and I have been friends for more than 10 years and over the years we have been classmates, colleagues, drinking buddies, and partners in crime. His paintings are often portraits of the people around him with abstract elements and a street art sensibility. Around a year ago he relocated from Copenhagen to his childhood streets of Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands and I have loved following what he has done to the scene there, so I thought I would get him to do a little write-up of his most recent project.

Gøtulist Føroyar - Faroe Islands


Streetart - Project started in the summer of 2021 For a couple of years I have been planning on doing some kind of Street Art Festival on the Faroe Islands. In the last few years, I have started to exhibit my works in the streets of Tórshavn and have been positively surprised by how the reaction has been. Street Art isn’t really a part of the Faroese society and I thought it would be cool to introduce the concept in this place where the culture still is in an infant stage.

Trodl & Bárður DC

I teamed up with my creative partner Ólavur Thorsteinsson aka Trodl and we started to plan how to introduce it. We both agreed that in order to set the bar pretty high so we contacted our friend and experienced muralist and visual artist Jacoba Niepoort. She really liked the idea and connected us with the amazing artist Axel Void founder of Void Projects. He was on board and brought 2 talents with him, Natalia Lasso and Gabriella Ayza.

Work from the festival

After the arrival of the overseas artists, we were unlucky and the whole team got tested positive for Covid-19. The setback resulted in 2 weeks where we were unable to work. However, we managed and the results were 4 murals located in different locations throughout the Faroe Islands. Our intentions are to be visible around the entire country and this summer was our pilot project. We intend for this to be a project that occurs over the entire year and continues for many years to come. We have lots of available walls and the next artists are planning on coming already in September.

More work from the festival

We are still in the starting phase of the project but our ambitions are to become an annual festival where local and international artists participate and work together. If interested in joining the project, people can send us some photos of their works and bio to


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