Friends of The Sphere #1: Peter Irish

Peter Irish is a multimedia artist active in the visual, performance, sound and healing arts.

As I have spent the past month working on the final project of my bachelor’s degree, I haven’t had time to do other cool shit, so there will be no “Upload / Download / Offload” this month. But instead, I am starting a new series where I ask my creative friends what they are working on and excited about at the moment.

I am very happy that Peter Irish agreed to be the first artist in this new series. Peter is a true legend. He is a 5-time world champion of the game of Hacky Sack and has received the Award of Innovation in Juggling for creating his own juggling style and being the first human to juggle 3 balls with both hands and feet simultaneously.

As a visual artist, Peter works in collage, painting, and multimedia explores the merging of the realms of the subconscious, dreams, meditative states, the irrational and illogical, with mundane life, comedy, tragedy, and the state of the current world and society.  

Peter Irish. Tulum, Mexico

I’m glad to be collaborating once again with a key player in the Norwegian experimental music scene, Tipi Token records.  I have been working on paintings for the album cover and booklet of the much anticipated Shortwave Radio Orchestra album.  The album is original and magical.  Watch for an Autumn release. 

There is art on every street in Tulum, murals on every corner; it’s a town steeped in art. I have been working fairly consistently all year here in Tulum, Mexico, mostly on paintings and multimedia.  

I adopted a street kitten!  Meet Esmerelda:

I am approaching year 4 of the Kinko Shakuhachi curriculum under the guidance of 
Sensei David Kansuke Wheeler. I have been working through several pieces in the last several months.

My friend, the juggling genius Wes Peden, recently released his latest video.  Anything Wes does is gold and this video lives up to the nearly impossible creative standard Wes has been kept up for the last decade.  Even if you hate juggling you will probably love this video.

The legendary Peter Brotzmann’s latest exhibits of paintings and objects are currently on display at JUBG in Cologne.  This is a rare chance to see Brotzmann’s visual art.  I have only been lucky enough to see him perform, and it was incredibly intense. 

At 80 years old, Brotzmann still wields more power than most 20-year-olds. If you’re in Cologne, don’t miss this.

Keep an eye on my Instagram: @thepeterirish, and my website: for further updates and adventures. 


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